Prime Pet is the East Side's provider of high-quality, known-source pet foods and products. We carry only the healthiest foods in the industry while offering a wide selection and a pricing structure that will help you pick the best food for your furry friend without breaking the bank! We also have all the toys and other supplies you need for your pups and kitties!

Prime Pet is locally owned and operated by Burton Cleveland, pictured here with one of our loyal customers Scout! After seeing how his own pets benefited greatly from adjustments to their diets, Burton decided to leave the corporate world and open his own healthy pet food store so he could help advise other pet owners on the importance of feeding healthy food to their pets!

If your pet is having allergies, not wanting to eat, or you're ready to start feeding them a healthier diet, call or stop by Prime Pet to discuss the different options available for your furry friends. We help make choosing the right food easy with free samples of the foods we carry. We not only want your pets to eat healthy, we want you to be happy, too!